Twilio API Integration and Development

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Twilio API Integration and Development
Twilio API Integration

Twilio API Integration

Cloud is a renowned name in the world of web. It had always coped up with the promise of making things simpler, easy and affordable by which it helps in reducing complexity and makes services accessible by a simple Twilio API Integration. The result, achieved was magical indeed and Twilio was generated. In the starting stage of 2008, Twilio was launched for providing the services that give web developers an API to easily build web pages apps. with telephony features like voice recording, audio playback, and in latest SMS Services. According to its founder Twilio is a matter of flexibility and it is an all-in-one deal, just you need to do is to; write your code in Twilio's easy to use syntax called TwiML.

Twilio hides all the complexity of telephony behind an API which is very simple by which many applications can be develo-ped in a lesser span of time. This code is then forwarded to Twilio's telephony services in the cloud that are hosted on AWS. The latest version of Twilio allows not only for SMS integration but it also facilitates for all kinds of robust voice com-munication, which includes text to speech, MP3 playing, Voice recording, Option Menuing and most unique Conference calling.

What HorizonCore Provide?

HoizonCore can configure Twilio web services for making call into any website using Twilio Application Programming Interface (API). Twilio basically sells API services for call and SMS. Integration of these services into an online system which requires connecting a call between 2 devices/messenger via web interface can be done by HoizonCore. Charging for calls made by this interface also is done by HoizonCore accurately. Twilio services provided HoizonCore scale up and down dynamically to handle call volumes with amazing spikes helps in making telephony cost endeavor. We help to set up a temporary call center on the emergency basis at an affordable cost. With our Easy User Interface, we provide a strong platform which will help your business to execute phone call related process, so that you can easily configure and fully customize the phone call process.

What Horizoncore Provide

Twilio API allows third party systems to initiate phone calls and execute your Voice Application on demand on any phone number throughout the world.

HoizonCore + Twilio = An Easy, Unique and Scalable way to create contextual telephony apps.

Some of the basic Features of Twilio

Build a Twilio API simulator for use on development machines

It would be very cool to have a way to run a Twilio simulator on my development machine that would accept REST calls and respond to TwiML from local host. It could use an onscreen phone keypad and the computer's audio system for playback/recording.

Twilio service mock interface

It could simulate a call into an application by requesting the same URL as the Twilio service. It could then print the says etc on a simple phone like GUI. It would allow the same inputs as a phone (0-9 * #). It would process redirects, hangups, records (record locally and optionally thing) etc.

Twilio Emulator

Twilio call flow emulator allows user interaction for dialogs and timeouts. It is designed to speed up the development of your application without dialing a phone and saving telephony costs.

Building IVR with Twilio

If you are unaware about development of IVR and are not having any experience regarding its development than developing an IVR can be a scary job. To simplify IVR development, Twilio came up with a solution that takes the complicated choices in technology away from the project.

What is TwiML?

TwiML provides mainly two types of services that mainly consist of TwiML Voice and TwiML SMS.

How Twilio Passes Data to Your Application:

Twilio makes HTTP requests to your application just like a regular web browser. By including parameters and values in its requests, Twilio sends data to your application that you can act upon before responding. You can configure the URLs and HTTP Methods Twilio uses to make its requests via your account portal or using the REST API.

TwiML Voice Requests:

When Twilio receives a call for one of your Twilio numbers it makes a synchronous HTTP request to the Voice URL configured for that number, and expects to receive TwiML in response. Twilio sends the following parameters with its request as POST parameters or URL query parameters, depending on which HTTP method you've configured.

Twilio API Process


Team of Experienced Developers

Customer Views a page on your website.


Customized Solutions

Customer clicks on a "call me" button which runs a server side script in your web application.


High Customer Satisfaction Ratio

Your application posts a call request to the twillo API.


Proven Methodologies

Twillo asks your application for an action to take after calling the customer.


Uninterrupted Communication

Twillo calls the customer's phone.


Competitive Pricing

Twillo then call customer service agents. The first one to pick up is informed of the connect of the call (example: Which product the customer is viewing).


Competitive Pricing

Finally, Twillo connects the customer with the first agent, and the two start talking.

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HorizonCore has the best web & software development team. I am very demanding and my all the requirements were fulfilled with politeness and smile. I was treated with the utmost respect and I am very pleased with the final outcome. I don't have the words to thank them and will truly recommend this talented team to everyone.

Link metric has found HorizonCore to be perfect partner. They always deliver over and above our expectations, from complex site design to management systems. After using many outsourced operations, we were very happy when we finally found HorizonCore - a firm that can be relied upon.

We are very satisfied to have a mate like HorizonCore as our offshore development partner. During our relationship, HorizonCore has developed a good understanding of our own vision and flow of work. They have pro-actively solved the issues impacting businesses.

To work with HCIPL was one of the best IT experience ActiveCare Online had till date. We are impressed with all the perspectives. We are so proud to work with Indian IT company which is so passionate, enthusiastic, punctual and humble.

They provide excellent quality for the best prices that I have ever found in the IT industry. I have been very pleased with their work to date and highly recommend them. Thanks for a good job. I really appreciate the way you carried out the web solution for us.

We are in the business of import-export institute management. When we were in Maninagar, we met HCIPL head in the year 2010 and he proposed me a site development plan. From that day all our IT operations are being handled by HorizonCore. Recently we have revamped our institute management system with responsive layout and its more than we wanted!

We were using desktop system since long but due to technical advancement, we needed to upgrade it to web based so that we can manage all our details on cloud. I had a meeting with HCIPL project leader, he impressed me with his progressive plan and we agreed to work on it. We are getting over whelming response of our staff about new system.

It's been a real pleasure working with the company we have always been pleased with the solutions given by them because their people are very supportive and are always willing to listen. We also feel that they understood our needs as an independent identity.

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